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Study Reveals Brain Network Responsible for Cognitive Changes in Multiple Sclerosis

New research from BrainHealth's Bart Rypma, Ph.D., and doctoral candidate Nicholas Hubbard reveal brain network to blame for slowed cognitive speed in individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS).
By: The Center for BrainHealth

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Changing a Common Belief About Brain Injury

Center for BrainHealth Founder and Chief Director Dr. Sandra Chapman shares the latest groundbreaking research that shows strategy-based cognitive training significantly improves the cognitive performance, psychological and neural health of those who have experiences a TBI, long after the initial injury.

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TBI Alert: Rehab Program Improves Memory and Mood, Even Years After Injury

Neurology Now highlighted Center for BrainHealth's Dr. Chapman and Dr. Krawczyk’s recent DoD-funded study on traumatic brain injury published in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation.

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Would You Like to Participate in Important Brain Research?

Make a real difference by taking part in unique brain studies designed to investigate all aspects of the brain – across ages, disorders, and conditions. Discover how.

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Help BrainHealth Research Change the World for the Better

The Center seeks exemplary student research scientists - including the most promising postdoctoral students. Find out how you can join the team.

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Training induces brain, cognitive & mental health gains for veterans, civilians with brain injury

In the first study of its kind, veterans and civilians with traumatic brain injury showed improved cognitive performance and psychological and neural health following strategy-based cognitive training.

Study of former NFL players finds loss of consciousness with concussion may lead to cognitive change

Researchers at the Center for BrainHealth and UT Southwestern find cognitive and structural brain changes in former NFL players with a history of loss of consciousness with concussions.

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Former US Navy SEALs explain how the US war machine wore them out

Dr. John Hart, Medical Science Director at the Center for BrainHealth underscores the importance of giving the brain sufficient time to heal after injury.

SEAL Team 6: A Secret History of Quiet Killings and Blurred Lines

Center for BrainHealth medical science director Dr. John Hart underscores the importance of giving the brain time to heal in this New York Times article.

Staying fit in middle age may help prevent loss of brain volume

Center for BrainHealth Founder and Chief Director Dr. Sandra Chapman comments on a recent study published in the Journals of Gerontology showing how fitness in middle age may have a positive impact on brain health.