Prime your brain for optimal performance with BrainHealth®. Designed by cognitive neuroscientists and clinicians at the Center for BrainHealth®, this app offers strategic scheduling tools and brain-boosting techniques to help you sharpen your focus, beat brain fatigue, and make daily progress toward your most important goals.

BrainHealth® provides tools that help you:

  • Improve your focus and strategic attention
  • Boost mental energy
  • Filter out energy-depleting distractions
  • Tackle high-priority tasks efficiently
  • Unlock fresh ideas and perspectives
  • Accomplish what is most important to you each day

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SMART (Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training) is a cognitive training program that was developed at the Center for BrainHealth® at The University of Texas at Dallas. The BrainHealth® app reinforces introductory strategies taught in the SMART program:

  • BrainPower of None – Quieting your mind to reveal fresh solutions
  • BrainPower of One – Working on one task at a time to build endurance and avoid distractions
  • BrainPower of Two – Identifying and setting aside time for your two most important tasks each day

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