Center for BrainHealth registers qualifying lectures and presentations for professional continuing education credits, specifically for ASHA (speech-language pathologists) and NBCC (counselors). Those lectures that do qualify will be listed below. If you are seeking continuing education credits and are not affiliated with ASHA or NBCC, but interested in receiving a certificate of participation, you may email a request at


Find current ASHA qualifying lectures.

To submit: Download the Learning Outcomes survey for each lecture below and send the following information to

  • ASHA ID #
  • First and Last Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • A completed Learning Outcomes Survey for every lecture you attend
The Brain: An Owner’s Guide Lecture Series:
  • If attending multiple lectures, please wait to send your total number of surveys until the end of the series on February 23.
  • CEUs will only be reported to ASHA if you attended 2 or more lectures. If you attended only 1 lecture, a Certificate of Participation will be emailed to you at the end of the series. You will only be awarded CEU hours for those lectures you attend.
  • CEU requests for ASHA will be accepted up until 7 days after the conclusion of the series (Tuesday, March 2).
Learning Outcomes:
  • Feb. 2: Hormones’ Impact on Cognitive Health & Alzheimer’s with Dr. Lisa Mosconi Learning Outcomes
  • Feb. 9: The Acute Case for Chronic Health: Vital Lessons In Weathering Duress with Dr. David Katz Learning Outcomes
  • Feb. 16: Portrait of a Brain: A Window into the Architecture of Our Mind with Dr. Nancy Kanwisher Learning Outcomes
  • Feb. 23: Improve Your Brain Health with Brain Foods with Dr. Drew Ramsey Learning Outcomes
Frontiers of BrainHealth
  • Mar. 12: Healthy Aging of Brain and Cognition (results from the CamCAN cohort, MRI, MEG, behavior) with Dr. Rik Henson, Participant Form and Learning Outcomes PENDING

There are currently no upcoming qualifying lectures offering NBCC lectures. If you would like a certificate of attendance for your records, then email