Do you wear an Apple Watch?

Curious about your emotions, self-awareness and well-being? The Center for BrainHealth and IntentWave are actively recruiting Apple Watch and iPhone users to participate in the IntentWave Behavioral Study. The purpose of this study is to increase our understanding of how daily activities influence emotions and our overall sense of mental well-being. With artificial intelligence, physiological and behavioral data can be analyzed in an effort to bring increased awareness to wearers of his or her emotional states.


Adults over the age of 18. You must have an Apple Watch to participate.


Participants are asked to reflect and identify their current emotion several times a day using their Apple Watch and iPhone via the IntentWave, MindCurrent app. Participation is voluntary and lasts for 45 days.

Study will begin shortly.  To express interest in enrollment, contact:

Lindsay Campbell at 972.883.3418 or