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More information about Charisma, virtual social learning

Can you tell me more about the program?

Charisma™ is a virtual social training platform combined with a clinical application. Sessions are unscripted and customized to the individual.  By creating virtual characters (avatars) and tailored interactions, users are able to have real-time conversations and practice within a safe environment.

Through practice, users develop confidence and adopt behavioral changes that translate into real-world interactions. They can practice initiating conversations, dealing with confrontation and peer pressure, asking someone out on a date, interviewing for a job and more.

The program can adapt to each new stage of adolescence and adulthood, and it provides support to individuals with social challenges and neurodevelopmental differences like ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and social anxiety.

Visit our main Charisma, Virtual Social Training page for more general information.

How is this program different from others?

Charisma is a short and intensive program designed to complement any ongoing, outside therapies.  It offers research-validated social cognitive strategies developed at the Brain Performance Institute and the Center for BrainHealth as a way to impact not only social reasoning abilities but also daily social integration at every stage of life.

Traditional role-play therapy is limited by a lack of realism, as the clinician’s appearance and location are fixed. Our uniquely designed platform allows for changeable identities and adaptable surroundings to create limitless, realistic scenarios.

What is included in the program?

Social Skill Assessments
Before and after analysis of social performance abilities and a chart of progress.

10 Hours of Customized Guidance and Real-Time Coaching With a Clinician
Learn science-based social cognition strategies that help individuals to initiate and maintain conversations, navigate peer relationships, manage confrontation and peer pressure, identify emotions and intentions, integrate social skills into daily life.

Personalized Report and Recommendations
Receive a social performance report and personalized strategies to reinforce and build upon social successes achieved during the five-week training.

More detailed information on the timing and scheduling of the sessions is available on the youth and adult pages.

How do I know if this training is right for our needs?

We offer complimentary consultations to determine the best fit for your needs. Our experienced clinicians work with people who have a wide range of social abilities or experience social challenges and may have a diagnosed neurodevelopmental difference such as ADD/ADHD, Social Anxiety, Twice-Exceptionalities, Autism and other social, emotional or behavioral challenges.

My child is very rigid. Can this program help?

Yes! Over 10 years of research have shown that Charisma helps kids better understand what others are thinking and feeling so that they can maker smarter social choices. These are key social skills needed to build flexibility and improve problem solving.

How is this program different from social skills groups?

Our virtual world ­– pairing cognitive strategies and customized coaching – allows us to personalize each session to challenge users in a safe and motivating way. We utilize our research-proven strategy-based learning in each session and customize it to fit the level of social needs. This tool promotes social growth, communication and confidence.

Every character in the world is a trained clinician simulating a friend or colleague, and interacting in real-time.  Call us for a more detailed explanation on our innovative approach.

Is 10 hours of training long enough to make a difference?

We know that the brain learns best with short, intensive bursts of information. Our research shows that within that time, significant behavioral improvements in emotion recognition, understanding intentions and improved social skills can be observed.

A typical training includes over 40 different conversations across 10 hours.  This allows us to expose those in need to a wide variety of strategies for success.

In addition we offer “booster” sessions when more work is needed in a specific area.

How do we attend or access the training?

Charisma is available anywhere via online access.  In-person training is available at the Brain Performance Institute located in Dallas, Texas.

What if we want to do more training after 5 weeks?

Every user learns at their own pace. Individuals may continue with “booster” sessions when they have a specific skill that they want to continue working on such as preparing to enter collage, interviewing for or starting a job, dating, sleep away camp, dealing with bullies or further confidence building.

Can we bill insurance?

At this time, we do not accept insurance.