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More information about The BrainHealth Project

What is unique about The BrainHealth Project?

The BrainHealth Project is a landmark scientific study that introduces a multi-dimensional understanding of brain health and explores our lifelong ability to impact its fitness, no matter the starting point.

You can view a recorded informational session at anytime on YouTube.​​

How does participation work?

  1. Get your personal BrainHealth Index (BHI), a composite measure of your brain’s current fitness level. The first one serves as your baseline.
  2. Have a live virtual feedback session with a trained BrainHealth coach to review your BHI and set goals for yourself.
  3. Start training with self-paced online modules to help you uncover meaningful ways to make your brain as efficient and dependable as possible.
  4. Meet quarterly with a BrainHealth coach.
  5. Keep getting your BHI regularly – every 6 months.

Who is behind the Project?

The Project is a large-scale scientific collaboration led by some of the world’s most respected brain scientists.

This initiative is led by the Center for BrainHealth, a cognitive neuroscience research and translational science institute of The University of Texas at Dallas whose researchers and clinicians are dedicated to discovering and translating scientific breakthroughs about the brain’s capacity and potential to get stronger, work more efficiently and last longer.

Is there a cost to join?

The Project is funded through philanthropic support and research grants, allowing participants to join at no cost.

How much time will this take?

You don’t have to make more time in your day; adopting brain-healthy habits is about changing how you go about your day, being intentional about how you apply your mental effort.

The online training modules show strategies to adopt brain-healthy habits. Each one is typically about 10 minutes long. You will get periodic nudges and tips to help you practice along the way, with suggested brain healthy habits that generally take about five minutes each.
You will get out of it what you put in – the extent to which you practice these brain-healthy techniques is entirely up to you!

Can I join from a different country?

Yes, however, right now our platform is only developed for English language users.

Will this help my memory?

The brain is the most complex structure in the known universe, full of dynamic connections. Memory is just one of many elements that contribute to its health and ability to perform. The benefits you can gain from learning, practicing and adopting brain-healthy habits include memory!

How will you use and protect my data?

The BrainHealth Project uses third-party integrations for communications, training, and scheduling. The most common information shared with these services are your name and email address. All third-party integrations are encrypted and/or password protected to ensure data security.

We have taken the following security precautions to protect your participant data.
• All the data is kept in an encrypted database that is hosted by a secure web service provider.
• Only people with credentials to this account have access to the database
• To access the database directly requires use of a protocol known as SSH
• This protocol requires access to a key file of which only authorized staff possess.
• Authorized staff that have access to the database have 2 Factor Authentication on their login credentials.

Additionally, we have a certificate of confidentiality, meaning that the researchers cannot release or use information, documents, or samples that may identify you in any action or suit unless you say it is okay.

The goal of the Project is to use the data we collect to feed an untold number of research discoveries and motivate novel areas of study, which have the potential to advance cognitive neuroscience, brain health and related fields in transformative ways.

What devices and browsers are supported?

The BrainHealth Project is delivered entirely online. You can access it on most cell phones (iPhone or Android), tablets, laptops and desktops. For the best experience, we recommend the latest versions of these web browsers: Chrome, Safari or Edge.

What do I do if I forget my password or have technical issues?

Please use the “Forgot Password” option in the log-in screen, or you may submit a request for help to support@thebrainhealthproject.org.