For more than a year, we’ve been wondering what work will look like when the pandemic ends. And for an increasing number of companies, the answer is a hybrid model that combines in-person and remote work. The conversation has now moved to what will happen to the commercial real estate market, how office and desk design will change and what tech tools we will need in our new hybrid future.

But even more important than the organizational design and the tech tools of our hybrid world order are the hybrid skills we’ll need to develop wherever and however we’re working. Of course, hard skills and expertise are always going to be table stakes, but to successfully navigate the new hybrid world defined by changing routines and continuing uncertainty we’ll need human skills — empathy, resilience, collaboration, team building and creativity. These are the skills that will allow us to adapt to new environments and constant changes, and use all of our other skills in a sustainable way without burning out.

Seize the Moment to Rethink Productivity

Not since the Industrial Revolution have we so fundamentally rethought everything about where and how we work. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a new normal that’s based on the way we actually perform at our best. “People are now stepping back and thinking about the qualitative aspects of being productive over the quantitative,” said Sandra Bond Chapman, a cognitive neuroscientist at the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas, Dallas. “Instead of how many things we have done, we now have an opportunity to shift towards the measures that matter most — was I more innovative? Was I more purpose-driven? Was I more socially driven?”

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Published April 2021