“I struggled with reading issues and grammar,” Kyle said. “I needed something to improve my test-taking abilities and reading comprehension.”

“Kyle was frustrated; we were frustrated,” his father David said. “Here was this bright, diligent teenager who was struggling with how to learn the material that he was presented.”

Kathryn and David enrolled Kyle in the Center for BrainHealth’s Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training (SMART) camp.

“I wasn’t excited to go; what fourteen year old would be?” Kyle said. “But after the second day, I could tell it was working.”

After 10 sessions of brain training where he learned how to engage in top-down processing instead of bottom-up learning, Kyle was able to construct new meanings from readings and generate innovative solutions to problems.

“After training, I was able to think of passages in a different way and break them down step by step. I was able to write more creatively and my grades got better,” Kyle said.

“After the training, Kyle felt empowered and equipped to more effectively assimilate, manage and utilize information. The SMART program uses relatively simple and straightforward strategies to empower learners.” David said. “SMART allowed Kyle to believe in himself and created a level playing field for him to pursue his dreams and utilize his talents without barrier deficits.”