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Welcome Ticktockers to Do Something New™!

Your leadership experience starts now! The Do Something New™ practice will teach you new ways to use your brain that promote its health and performance. Prepare to become a citizen scientist by taking charge of your own brain, creating a healthier, happier, you!
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Your Orientation

Do Something New™ with The Center For BrainHealth

Bonnie Pitman, Director of Art-Brain Innovations at the Center For BrainHealth and Maria Johnson, Director of Youth & Family Innovations, invite you to experience taking an ordinary day and making it extraordinary!

Experience our Learn, Do, Grow mini-modules to set your brain up for success and discover the power of creating new connections in meaningful ways. Your orientation awaits!

Virtual Gift Boxes

This mini-module will be available on 1/29/21

Walk Together Towards BrainHealth

Let’s take something that we do every day and transform it into something special.

In this Do Something New™ practice, we will be your guide through a mindful walking meditation toward a stronger, brain healthier, and happier you. Let’s take the first step in which we focus on examining one of our most important relationships: the relationship we have with ourselves. When was the last time you took care of you?

This mini-module will be available on 2/19/21

Cultivate a Creative Mind

Creativity is the key to unlocking your inner innovator.

In this Do Something New™ practice, we are starting a new focus on creativity which supports resiliency–our ability to adapt and change in the face of challenge. Let’s explore what creativity means for brain health as you consider: an inspiration can be expressed in countless ways. What way will you choose today?

This mini-module will be available on 3/19/21

Spark a Compassionate Connection

A well-connected brain leads to a compassionate mind.

In this Do Something New™ practice, we are going to take a closer look at our brain on compassion. Let’s discover how compassion is contagious and reap its positive reward. Always remember: you can be the spark to brighten up the world around you. When will you get started?

BrainHealthy Do Something New™ Practices

These mini-habits are designed to boost your Do Something New™ practice. The more you practice, the more you will take charge of your brain health and performance.

  • Ask yourself this question each day: “How can I treat a friend, care for the earth, or protect and help those in need?”
  • Listen with an open heart. Truly listen to what the other person is saying instead of planning your response before hearing them out.
  • Adopt an attitude of kindness – ALWAYS!
  • Include someone who is on the sidelines. By doing this, you have valued them. It’s lonely to go through life feeling unnoticed, unwanted and unloved – but you have the power to include!
  • Help someone you know, whether a classmate, neighbor, or new acquaintance. Bring flowers or food, call them to say “hello,” or leave a note in their mailbox.
  • Plant flowers, herbs and trees in your garden. Create a community garden for all to enjoy.
  • Take your lunch break outside and notice the differences of eating in a new place.
  • Rearrange furniture or photos in your room for a fresh perspective.
  • Laugh fully, from deep in your belly! Feels good, huh?
  • Remember: big changes start with one single thing you can do right now. Be an advocate and move to action!