Brain Boost Summer Camp


Brain Boost Summer Camp

The Brain Performance Institute’s Brain Boost Summer Camp is an exciting and innovative half-day camp designed to inspire teens and tweens to own their brain performance. Campers will learn how to leverage their own brain power to boost their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking through activities and experiences. This fun camp will enhance how kids think, innovate and socialize.

Camp Details

Please register for the week you would like to attend. Let us know which days, or mark them all for the full week!

June 24-28  |  9 AM-1 PM 
   July 29-August 2  |  1-5 PM
DAY 1  |  All About That Brain

Join us for an interactive exploration of the brain and how it works. Engage in fun activities like scavenger hunts and acing the Brain Myths Quiz! Learn All About That Brain - its function, mystery and power.

Day 1 Camp Leaders
Susan Larkin, Katie Hinds & Lori Cook
Susan, Katie and Lori have successfully led other camps at the Center for BrainHealth in recent years. They are exceptional leaders and actively promote brain health by educating teachers, students and caregivers on how to empower youth to unlock their brain potential.

DAY 2  |  Food, Fitness & Fun 

What do superfoods, pedometers and obstacle courses all have in common? A day focused on food, fitness and fun! Design a personalized fit plan and learn what fuels the body and feeds the brain!

Day 2 Camp Leaders
Marley Carnes & Taylor Tran
Marley and Taylor bring their passion for food and fitness from The University of Texas at Dallas and Dairy Max. As experts in the field of nutrition, health and wellness, they are always eager to educate youth on how to live optimally through proper nutrition and physical activity.

DAY 3  |  Chill With Skill 

Awareness and perception are key when learning to cope with stress. Discover what the brain and body are telling you when you’re stressed and what you can do. Learn to bounce back with optimism!

Day 3 Camp Leaders
Veranda Hillard, Jessi Gould & Misty Huckabey
Veranda, Jessi and Misty are instrumental in using their backgrounds in mental health, social learning and neuroscience to provide brain-based solutions to build resilient minds. They all share a passion for supporting the social and emotional growth of adolescents and teens, specifically in equipping them with stress-busting strategies that have a life-long impact.

DAY 4  |  Techno Brain 

The first release of the smartphone was in 2007 - technology has come a long way in twelve years, and it isn’t slowing down. Learn how technology can be used for good and ways it can benefit the brain. Game smarter, not harder.

Day 4 Camp Leaders
Aimee Herron & Aaron Tate
Aimee and Aaron are a dynamic duo that inspire creativity and innovation through our Technology & Social Learning Labs. Passionate about reaching youth and using technology for good, their cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary work is changing lives and engaging minds all across the country.

DAY 5  |  Do Something New

Step into the shoes of someone else and understand how differently others experience the world. Take a day to pay it forward and learn ways to change the social scene using kindness, compassion and empathy. You will get the ultimate brain boost: confidence and courage!

Day 5 Camp Leaders
Maria Johnson & Lorraine Freidman
Maria and Lorraine share a passion for creating compassionate communities. They are specialists in working with special needs children and families. Maria and Lorraine are constantly working to help youth reach their highest potential socially, emotionally and cognitively.



Students ages 10 and older

Limited to 20 campers per day.


Brain Performance Institute 

2200 W. Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX 75235


$80 per day  |  $400 per week 

Sibling & UTD Staff Discount: 10% off
Please contact us for the discount code before registering.