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Charisma - Youth Virtual Social Training


Charisma - Youth Virtual Social Training

Charisma™ is a virtual social training platform designed to provide the flexibility our trained experts require to teach social strategies that enhance the way individuals think, work and thrive socially.

Parent Testimonials

Many children and teens experience difficulties in social settings, often to a degree that interferes with relationships and academic life. Charisma provides a safe place for children to practice social scenarios in a virtual world, while getting real-time feedback from expert clinicians. Since 2014, this evidence-based program has helped more than 200 learners improve their communication, confidence, and social resilience.


Charisma is delivered by trained coaches through live, interactive social conversations with real-time feedback and recommendations. The program helps individuals navigate the diverse social environments of school, sports teams and other community settings.

Users improve their social skills in areas that are personally relevant and applicable to their every-day life.

  • Most show a 50-80% improvement in starting and maintaining a conversation
  • 90% report improvement in their ability to recognize other’s emotions
  • 90% report improvement in understanding other points of view and 75% double their scores
  • Five-week session: Bi-weekly 45-minute sessions for participants 8 years and older
  • One-week teen intensive training: Two-hour sessions for week-long training, best for participants 12 years and older
  • On-going, individual booster sessions are available once the 10-hour training has been completed
  • Charisma After-School: Grades 3-5 - Charisma delivered remotely

Our 10 hour training is available year-long and scheduled around your needs. Sessions are available Monday through Friday during the day and after school. The schedule and availability are discussed during the consultation call.

For questions, please contact Aimee Herron at aimee.herron@utdallas.edu or (972) 883-3241.


Many children and teens experience difficulties in social settings, often to a degree that interferes with relationships and academic life. We offer complimentary consultations to determine the best fit for your needs.

Our experienced clinicians work with people who have a wide range of social abilities or experience social challenges and may have a diagnosed neurodevelopmental difference such as ADD/ADHD, Social Anxiety, Twice-Exceptionalities, Autism and other social, emotional or behavioral challenges.




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“Aiden really likes it and wants to do it again. It’s wonderful that the reports show growth, too,” concluded his mom. “This program is teaching more than social skills; it’s equipping kids like Aiden with life-long strategies to be independent problem solvers and critical thinkers. We have not had a single incident report since the Charisma strategies were implemented - prior to, we were getting weekly incident reports where every teacher was saying Aiden was saying inappropriate things" "As a special ed teacher, I can't tell you how many kids Charisma would benefit from this program...the virtual reality interface is so much less intimidating b/c it's not a real person and it's fun. Kids feel less threatened and relaxed, they'll be more open to correction and willing to dip their toe into the water without fear." - Allison Darwak

"We went to Dallas for the 1 week intensive training in August 2017 and again in 2018. We have seen consistent growth in Aiden’s social skills and believe that Charisma has been a big part of that growth. We considered coming to Dallas again for 2019...we love Texas and enjoyed our visits(even in August!), but the opportunity to get the training remotely, over the course of the Summer is very appealing. It also would allow me to save a precious week of vacation time to use elsewhere...and then there’s the significant financial savings as well from not having to purchase plane tickets etc." - John Darwak

"The program they’ve developed is the best I’ve seen so far regarding a way to get teachers, parents, and students to truly understand, develop empathy, and most importantly provide them with social skills and strategies." - Kathy Edwards

"Behind Every Door works in apartment communities where our young people are experiencing high levels of stress, a lack of resources and limited opportunity. The BPI team and the Charisma program has opened up a world to them where they can explore their social emotional health in a safe, engaging environment under the guidance of trained counselors and advocates. We have seen growth in all our students who have participated and we hope we can extend this excellent program to more students who desperately need it." - Fionna Hall

"I was impressed when you took away the safety net and he had to solve problems on his own. He was aware of what the other person wanted from him, and even though I could tell that he wanted an adult to solve it for him, he did it on his own. That was so good to see." - Brooke Morse