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Charisma - Youth Virtual Social Training


Charisma - Youth Virtual Social Training

Charisma™ is a virtual social training platform designed to provide the flexibility our trained experts require to teach social strategies that enhance the way individuals think, work and thrive socially.


Many children and teens experience difficulties in social settings, often to a degree that interferes with relationships and academic life. Charisma provides a safe place for children to practice social scenarios in a virtual world, while getting real-time feedback from expert clinicians. Since 2014, this evidence-based program has helped more than 200 learners improve their communication, confidence, and social resilience.


Charisma is delivered by trained coaches through live, interactive social conversations with real-time feedback and recommendations. The program helps individuals navigate the diverse social environments of school, sports teams and other community settings.

Users improve their social skills in areas that are personally relevant and applicable to their every-day life.

  • Most show a 50-80% improvement in starting and maintaining a conversation
  • 90% report improvement in their ability to recognize other’s emotions
  • 90% report improvement in understanding other points of view and 75% double their scores
  • Five-week session: Bi-weekly 45-minute sessions for participants 8 years and older
  • One-week teen intensive training: Two-hour sessions for week-long training, best for participants 12 years and older
  • On-going, individual booster sessions are available once the 10-hour training has been completed
  • Charisma After-School: Grades 3-5 - Charisma delivered remotely

Our 10 hour training is available year-long and scheduled around your needs. Sessions are available Monday through Friday during the day and after school. The schedule and availability are discussed during the consultation call.

For questions, please contact Aimee Herron at or (972) 883-3245.


Join us online for a complementary 30-minute parent presentation with a Charisma Coach. Tour our virtual world, ask questions and learn more!

Join The Presentation

January 15  |  Noon or 6 PM

February 5  |  Noon or 6 PM

March 4  |  Noon or 7 PM

April 1  |  Noon or 7 PM

May 6  |  Noon or 7 PM

June 3  |  Noon or 7 PM

July 1  |  Noon or 7 PM

August 5  |  Noon or 7 PM


Many children and teens experience difficulties in social settings, often to a degree that interferes with relationships and academic life. We offer complimentary consultations to determine the best fit for your needs.

Our experienced clinicians work with people who have a wide range of social abilities or experience social challenges and may have a diagnosed neurodevelopmental difference such as ADD/ADHD, Social Anxiety, Twice-Exceptionalities, Autism and other social, emotional or behavioral challenges.




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