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Explore how these tools can equip your employees to excel and advance your organization to the next level.

Strategic attention

We deliver interactive, engaging and informative experiences to audiences ranging from small businesses and startups to Fortune 500 companies. 




Enjoy a retreat with your team that focuses on brain health and performance.



Better Brain Health Improves Performance at Any Level

The Brain Performance Institute delivers science-based innovations that enhance how you think, work and live.

Based on the brain science of neuroplasticity, we know that our brains are adaptable and trainable. Adopting brain healthy practices can result in significant, measurable brain changes and improvements.

Promoting brain health empowers team members to be better leaders, agile and strategic thinkers and more effective communicators with improved emotional intelligence. Our reasoning and resilience solutions fill the gap in traditional corporate employee wellness programs and standard leadership development programs, which both fail to address brain health.

Elevate the brain performance of your team through training designed to maximize your team’s cognitive capital and well-being. Explore how these tools can equip your employees to excel and advance your organization to the next level.


Initial discovery process designed to tailor our solutions to your organization’s needs and goals. Benchmark and track key metrics of workplace and brain performance to measure strengths and areas for improvement.

Brain metrics assess key executive functions, including critical thinking, decision making and complex problem solving.

Discovery steps include:


Empower your team to sharpen and strengthen their brains with techniques that prime the brain to calibrate mental energy, reinforce strategic thinking and inspire innovation.
This interactive brain training program helps you enhance cognitive performance and establish habits that can help exploit your brain’s untapped potential.

Learn strategies to improve:


Perform better under stress. Studies show that healthy lifestyle factors and resilience practices, such as mindfulness and heart rate variability training, have the potential to optimize brain performance and increase overall well-being.

These customizable stress optimization tactics can be facilitated via brief speaking engagements, 3-6 hour workshops or corporate Brain Performance Retreats. Learn strategies to: