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High Performance Brain Training


High Performance Brain Training

Based on the brain science of neuroplasticity, we know that our brains are adaptable and trainable, driven by how we engage every day. In the same way that we can improve our bodies through physical fitness, we can increase our focus, creativity and mental efficiency with targeted strategies and healthy brain habits.



Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training (SMART) delivers techniques that prime the brain to calibrate mental energy, reinforce strategic thinking and ignite innovation. These strategies have been delivered successfully to a wide range of audiences, including corporate executives, special operations units and people who have experienced an injury.

We offer various interactive trainings, workshops and retreats that teach a set of strategies that empower you to train core cognitive areas and helps you think smarter, not harder. These offerings strive to help you enhance cognitive performance and put into practice habits that can help capitalize on your brain’s untapped potential.

SMART Leadership

Professionals are inundated with information, overlapping deadlines and the pressure to excel. Efficiency, productivity, and quality are imperative. Burnout is not an option. Elevate your performance through training designed to maximize your cognitive capital and well-being. Explore how these SMART strategies can equip you to excel and advance to the next level.
February 12 & 13 | 9 AM-12 PM |  REGISTER TODAY

SMART Social Edge

Did you know you can improve your social health by training your brain to think strategically in social interactions? Improve your social reasoning abilities and strengthen relationships through this training designed to boost key cognitive functions through high-level, interactive online training.
REGISTER TODAY  |  Contact Tandra Allen at tandra.allen@utdallas.edu or 972.883.3229 


Onsite Training Location
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Brain Performance Institute
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Our team can also deliver training at your business or organization. Please contact us if you are interested in a training outside the Brain Performance Institute’s campus.


Current & Former Military

We offer a discounted rate to these trainings and workshops to former and current military, spouses and/or caregivers of military members, and first responders. You must submit this application in order to receive your discounted registration link.

For questions, please contact Katie Hinds at katie.hinds@utdallas.edu or by phone at (972) 883-3338.

  • Heighten mental focus and agility
  • Enrich strategic thinking
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance adaptability in new environments

More than 25 years of clinical trials at the Center for BrainHealth have demonstrated that the strategies taught in this workshop strengthen the brain’s frontal networks – regions that support attention, planning, judgment and emotional management.*


Improve focus and prioritize important information.


Recall and process pertinent information to solve problems.


Shift routine thinking into actions, plans and diverse perspectives.


* Specific outcomes of the training are not guaranteed. Different individuals may use the tools in different ways. Maximum brain change results from the completion of all steps in the SMART program and continual adoption of brain strategies. In order to fully benefit from the SMART program, participants should complete all sessions in succession.

Cognitive training helps regain a younger-working brain
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