Military Spouses and Caregiver Training

Military Spouse Caregiver

Military Spouses and Caregiver Training

The wounds of war can affect a warrior’s entire family system. Military spouses and caregivers often suffer extreme stress as their warrior heroes transition back to civilian life. We can help by providing practical tools to diffuse stress and down-regulate emotional responses.

7 hours over two sessions OR 9 hours over three sessions

Military Caregiver Retreat

Military service is inherently a high-pressure profession – and so is caring for a loved one who has served our country. Many warriors returning from deployments experience symptoms related to depression and anxiety, making everyday tasks like socializing, focusing, and thinking critically seem like insurmountable challenges. Military spouses and/or caregivers experience this stress, too.

Our Military Spouse and Caregiver Training helps military families navigate this transition together, promoting effective communication and healthy problem-solving. Through Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training (SMART), military spouses and caregivers learn how to block out distractions, conceptualize main ideas, and generate creative solutions to problems.

We also offer Military Caregiver Retreats powered by the USAA Foundation.  These retreats are open to military caregivers defined as a family member, friend, or acquaintance who provides care to and assistance for a current or former military service member with a disabling physical or mental injury or illness. For more details check the Military Caregiver Retreat tab or click here to learn more.


Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training (SMART) is a set of strategies that helps you think smarter, not harder. You will learn strategies to revive your everyday routine and boost your brainpower. Sessions are interactive with exercises that encourage discussion, creative thinking, and practical application. More than a decade of clinical trials has demonstrated that the strategies taught in this workshop strengthen the brain’s frontal networks – regions that support attention, planning, judgment and emotional management.*


Spouses and caregivers of active duty or veteran military service members.


Thanks to private philanthropy and state funding, there is no cost for participants.

  • Two mandatory 3-hour sessions over two days followed by an optional 3-hour session one month later (9 total hours)
    • Session 1 – overview of the strategies and science
    • Session 2 – integration and application of the strategies
    • Session 3 – integration and application of the strategies

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Mobile training may also be scheduled for spouse and caregiver groups at or near military installations throughout the U.S.

For questions, pricing information and logistics, please contact: Cheryl Endres or (580) 284-9522.

*Specific outcomes of the training are not guaranteed. Different individuals may use the tools in different ways. Maximum brain change results from the completion of all steps in the SMART program and continual adoption of brain strategies. In order to fully benefit from the SMART program, participants should complete all sessions in succession.

What are the benefits?

Focus on brain health with strategies that inspire efficiency, productivity and quality.

Strengthen key cognitive functions:

Learn to focus and limit harmful brain habits like multitasking.
Glean actionable steps to improve deeper-level thinking, flexible exchange of ideas and problem-solving.
Learn to flexibly update ideas and perspectives to understand complexities and nuances of information. Improve your ability to identify challenges and create solutions.

“Sometimes as caregivers, we lose sight of ourselves & our own needs. This retreat is the perfect break in routine & provides usable training & exercises for both brain clarity & relaxation! I am a list master & now my lists are even more effective with the elephants!!!” 

- Jessica Root, retreat attendee

BrainHealth and Stress Solutions - Military Caregiver Retreats powered by USAA Foundation

Pause with a purpose. Find respite from the stressors of daily life while learning practical tools to improve your brain health and performance.


Building upon its five-year history of providing science-based cognitive training to military veterans, active duty service members, and their families, the Center for BrainHealth and its Brain Performance Institute have designed a retreat specifically for military caregivers. This retreat includes the Center’s cognitive training, Heart Rate Variability Training, iRest and an evening of spa activities.


April 5-7 | San Antonio, TX | Apply Here! | Deadline to apply has been extended to March 1st at 11:59PM (CST).
May 17-19 | San Diego, CA | Applications coming soon!
June 21-23 | Raleigh, NC | Applications coming soon!
July 19-21 | Dallas, TX | Applications coming soon!

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