Dear friends,


As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, I’ve been reflecting on the unparalleled brain power and foresight it took to envision and build a new nation. We know that our nation’s founders rejected fatalism and employed innovative, futuristic thinking and problem solving – the very qualities of brain health that are so important as we tackle our nation’s crises today.

Take a look at this brief video from our chief medical advisor, ER doctor Jane Wigginton. Dr. Wigginton shares some of her personal experience “in the lion’s mouth” as well as insights about the importance of taking ownership of healthy habits and not letting fear rule our brains.

Now more than ever, it is incumbent on each and every one of us to tap into our brain power. The same brain-healthy qualities that helped build our great country are the ones we will need to weather today’s storms and emerge as a better, stronger society.

Practice the safe habits recommended by Jane while relaxing and celebrating this weekend. I hope you will join me in taking time to reflect and act on ways we can contribute to building an even better future—where everyone can flourish!


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Published July 3, 2020

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