More than a decade of clinical trials have demonstrated that the strategies taught in this workshop strengthen the brain’s frontal networks – regions that support attention, planning, judgment and emotional management.*

Cognitive functions trained:
    • Strategic Attention
      • Improve your ability to focus on important tasks and decisions, and learn practical tips to restore mental energy,
    • Integrated Reasoning
      • Learn to calibrate your brain resources between critical details and broader perspectives
      • Glean actionable steps to improve deeper-level thinking, flexible exchange of ideas and problem-solving
    • Innovation
      • Learn to flexibly update ideas and perspectives to understand complexities and nuances of information
      • Improve your ability to identify potential problems

*Specific outcomes of the training are not guaranteed. Different individuals may use the tools in different ways. Maximum brain change results from the completion of all steps in the High Performance Cognitive Training program and continual adoption of brain strategies. In order to fully benefit from the High Performance Cognitive Training program, participants should complete all sessions in succession.