Dear friends,

Is it possible to combat the accumulating stress and high levels of anxiety we are feeling these days? The path seems steep and very rocky for most of us as we navigate the immense changes in our lives, communities and world.

That is why now is the PERFECT time to introduce you to Dr. Ian Robertson, a colleague and co-leader with me on The BrainHealth Project. Dr. Robertson is a neuroscientist and clinical psychologist with extensive expertise in human attention, brain plasticity and rehabilitation. He also co-directs the Global Institute on Healthy Aging in Ireland.

Now more than ever, his insights related to stress and the incredible alchemy that the human brain is able to perform are reassuring. Dr. Robertson provides a science-driven toolkit to call upon throughout our day, with powerful steps to prevent stress from overtaking our reasoning brain.

The way we manage our thoughts can literally change the neurochemistry within our brain to make it healthier. Calmer is powerful – your brain’s neuropharmacy adjusts as your mind calms, becomes more positive and celebrates the small wins each day. What an elixir of hope!

Don’t miss this 5-minute video Dr. Robertson prepared for a group of people dealing with stress on a routine basis: medical doctors. Watch HERE.

Any of us can apply Dr. Robertson’s suggestions, which are both practical and grounded in demonstrated science. His insights will allow us all to be better prepared to face, manage and overcome times of worry and anxiety.

Give his recommendations a try and see how much they improve your daily stress levels – and your outlook.

As always, I hope you and yours are staying safe, healthy and optimistic knowing that by harnessing the potential of our brains, we will power the future!


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Published May 29, 2020

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