Being a teen or young adult can be hard. Mistakes happen.

Possession of drugs, underage drinking or getting one too many speeding tickets?

Experience a program designed to help engage your brain to better analyze situations, act on thoughts not emotions, and problem-solve through difficult situations.

We are offering SMART (Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training) Brain Training program as part of a study.

Who is Eligible?

  • 15-21 years-old
  • Have been part of the youth justice system

What is Involved?

  • Eight 45 minute one-on-one online SMART sessions with BrainHealth trainers
  • Three online brain performance inventories​​​​​​

The study is designed for teens and young adults that have experienced a setback, or made a mistake, and would like to be involved in a training program proven to enhance reasoning, focus, and meaningful learning.

You can earn $130 for completing the online training program!

For more information/questions, please contact or call 972-883-3289.