The Center for BrainHealth is proud to share with you for the first time, full-length videos of The Brain: An Owner’s Guide annual sell-out lecture series.

Watch the four-part series and behind-the-scenes interviews with our lecture speakers here:

The Emy Lou & Jerry Baldridge Lecture The Winner Effect: How Power Affects Your Brain with Dr. Ian Robertson

Dr. Robertson's Interview

The Terry & MG (R) Lee Baxter Lecture Heartbreak to Healing: How One Warrior’s Parents Are Waging War Against Veteran Suicide with Dr. & Mrs. Howard Somers and moderated by Krys Boyd (from KERA’s Think!) 

Dr. & Mrs. Somers' Interview

The Bert Headden & Cindy Thomas Lecture Utilize Your Brain’s Plasticity For Brain Health with Dr. Michael Merzenich

Dr. Merzenich's Interview

The Brain Science Behind Golf: Why Some Experience the Yips with Dr. Debbie Crews

Dr. Debbie Crews's interview

The Container Store’s visionary sponsorship has made possible The Brain: An Owner’s Guide February lecture series for the last eight years.